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CranioSacral Therapy + Energywork

This session works with the mind and body's governing systems to support optimal wellness, tension relief and relaxation.  Craniosacral Therapy focuses on supporting the nervous system- our mind and body's governor, while Energywork (Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Chakra balancing) supports balance of our body's energy system.  Given our bodies and minds operate on an internal electricity, these modalities are at the base of our function.  These modalities can be done as a fusion or independently.  Optimal for: anxiety, depression, PTSD, autoimmune disorders, birth trauma, pre/post surgery, grief, chronic TMJ disorder, chronic back pain, insomnia, headaches. 
Pressure level:   mostly light, sometimes moderate when working acupressure points. 
Can be combined with:   Myofascial Release.

$95. | one hour session

$110. | 75 minute

$125. | 90 minute 


Somatic Experiencing + Mind-Body Healing Process Work

Using the wisdom of the body as our guide, we gently explore areas of strength, resource and resistance in the body. This exploration can lead to release of chronic pain, places where we feel stuck emotionally and/or psychologically, and ultimately support new ways of thinking and being that can lead to a greater sense of freedom and deeper sense of calm in your daily life. (I say "new ways of thinking and being," but really it's an "old way" as we return to our blueprint.) Attention is given to creating a safe and grounded environment with a focus on illuminating your areas of strength, ease and empowerment.  Please visit About the Practitioner for the therapist's training and experience with these modalities.  *This is not psychotherapy.  ​

$95-150. | one hour session

$110-165. | 75 minute

$125-175. | 90 minute 


Embodied Professional Life Coaching:  

Using our innate body wisdom, mind-body practice tools, collaboration and fun to support you in:

  • deepening trust and connection to your wise inner voice

  • recognizing and utilizing authentic internal and external support: how to keep yourself readily  juiced

  • establishing, co-creating and maintaining rich and enjoyable relationships in personal and professional lives, where we feel seen, heard, autonomous and connected.

  • Ultimately:  getting what you want in life, and leading life from an empowered and supported place.

  • Read more about my coaching practice here.

Contact Sarah for pricing at (240)506-8155 or

Custom Massage/Bodywork 

The session is tailored to your unique needs and wishes.  This offering is a fusion of the following modalities or tailored to your request:   *Deep Tissue, *Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, *Swedish, *CranioSacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, *Energywork.
Pressure level: light, moderate and deep. 

* Sarah specializes in modality. 

$95. | one hour session

$110. | 75 minute

$125. | 90 minute 


Travel sessions are sometimes an option for additional charge. 

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