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Sarah's Approach

"I began my career in massage and mind-body therapies in 2005 after discovering the unique benefit of healing touch in my personal journey. Who knew touch could be so supportive in healing physical and emotional wounds? I didn't. Our innate capacity for healing inspires me daily.  


Knowing our body systems deeply rely on each other to operate optimally, I have studied and practiced an eclectic array of modalities in effort to support the whole person. Beyond Neuromuscular and Swedish massage techniques, I have extensively studied, practiced and taught CranioSacral therapy, Myofascial bodywork, Developmental Somatic Psychology, Nervous System Regulation and Eastern healing modalities.


My intention as I work with you is to orient to the inherent health and resiliency in the body and give it momentum, while gently and fully tending to areas of constriction. In mind-body approaches to trauma healing, it is my deep intention to hold a safe and supported space for you with emphasis on tools for empowerment, honoring your body's wisdom and co-creating a pace that allows your mind and body to integrate the healing and growth in meaningful, lasting ways." 

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