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We are all in this together!


It is of high priority to protect our wellness and that of our communities. To this end, we have invested much time, resources and energy in researching and securing the most up-t0-date and safest protocols possible for our office.

  1. GERM BUSTING THE STUDIO CONTACT ZONE : All touch surfaces are disinfected with an EPA approved disinfectant between each client with proper activation times adhered to. 

  2. AIR, PURIFIED : Top-rated purifiers (2) are running throughout day, filtering air through HEPA filtration system. Additionally, fresh outdoor air circulates between clients when outside temperatures allow. Also, we have floorboard heat so no central air is circulating.  (This was one of the major selling points for me in choosing this space!)

  3. THIS IS MY DANCE SPACE, THIS IS YOUR DANCE SPACE : Time between clients has been expanded to 30-45 minutes to ensure proper space for disinfecting and airing out room, as well as no overlap in common areas.

  4. CAR CHILLIN' : Clients must wait in their vehicles if they arrive early.  The waiting room is closed. When you arrive, text your therapist and they will signal you to come in. 

  5. MASK UP, BUTTERCUP : Surgical mask is worn by therapist and client at all times. Additionally, therapist wears face shield during session. Masks are required at all times. 

  6. WITH LIBERTY AND CLEAN HANDS FOR ALL : Therapist thoroughly washes hands before and after each client and disinfects hands pre-session. Clients must wash hands and disinfect hands pre-session. 

  7. GET YOUR PRE- SCREEN ON : Checklist for safety are cleared pre-session for both client and therapist to ensure both are well and no known exposure.

  8. YOU HOT? : Temperate checks at beginning of each session and session rescheduled if temp is 99.5F on the reading for either client or therapist. 

  9. LINENS A'SPINNIN' : Linens are laundered on extended cycle on hottest setting

Doing our part to stay well and wild!