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Optimizing your

Bodywork Session

Eating and drinking before session

If you're feeling hunger 's voice calling out from the belly, a healthy little snack before session might be a great idea.  Having a full meal right before session can leave you feeling bloated and has the body trying to prioritize digestion which can take away from your relaxation experience. Abdominal massage might be indicated and an empty/emptier is best in this case. Dense or sugary snacks and caffeine can make for difficulty in relaxing, so I advice you to avoid where possible if you're keen to relax. 


How about an alcoholic beverage or joint before session?
Please refrain from using chemicals before your session. If you're under the influence in any way, this can alter both your capacity to read pain signals and be fully present.  I will end session and charge full cost of session if this occurs, and reschedule for a future date.  (Exception for medicinal marijuana users.)

Warm shower or bath

A warm shower or bath can help the body unwind faster during session.  It's also a great way to "wash off" stressors or bad vibes and hit reset, further optimizing session. Also, arriving freshly showered minimizes body odors. 

Fragrances, body odor, scented lotions

In effort to make the wellness center welcoming to all, please refrain from using fragranced lotions, perfumes and/or cologne.  Some clients and therapists have allergies to scents and lotions. Please bathe before session to minimize body odors. 

Should I drink water ? When?

Water is vital in all body functions. The better hydrated you are pre-session, the more readily your muscle and fascia will release/relax. However, we want to keep you on the table and out of the loo when possible, so limiting water intake 30 minutes before session and having a loo break right before your appointment is optimal.  AFTER SESSION: having 1-2 full glasses of water supports the body in cleansing itself of metabolic wastes and supports healthy repair of tissue.  

Arriving to session

Whether it be in-person or virtual session, taking a moment to settle in for our time together can have significant rewards.  Give yourself 5-10 minutes if you can to settle into the office or virtual office for a moment to exhale from the day's activities.

How do I dress for session?

Massage clients:

you will disrobe for session to your comfort level. Your privacy is honored at all times. 

CranioSacral, energywork, trigger point, shiatsu, somatic process clients:

please wear comfortable, cotton or cotton-blend clothing. 

After session

Having a slower pace and space after your session allows the body to further integrate the work.  At our office, you're welcome to rest in the lounge with a cup of tea or water after session to allow for this calibration.  Better still, rest here then head home for a nap or rest post-session to optimize results. 


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