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"My work with Sarah gave me a sense of empowerment and freedom I haven't felt before with other therapies.  

I feel more calm overall, am sleeping better and 'playing well' with others more readily without shutting down or running. I feel more at home inside myself." 

                  - Meredith, nurse, yogi

"I was seeking mind-body therapy with a trauma-aware bodyworker and found Sarah. She and her practice helped complement my deep recovery work. She provided a safe and caring space, was kind and professional, and took time to listen to and hear my needs. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking safe and healing bodywork."

            - Lauren R.​

"I have had the immense fortune of receiving holistic bodywork from Sarah for many years now. She is incredibly intuitive, generous, and skillful. I have been to others who offer similar work, and without a doubt Sarah's practice is incomparable." 

 - Anita S., lawyer, professor, mama to twin toddler boys

"My last session was bliss. It felt great on my muscles, but in some ways it was not even like a massage. It was transcendent. And I'm not prone to hyperbole or the use of new-age words." 

- Brian, school principal, father

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